Sai Sandhya at Gurugram

Sunday, July 30th, 2017

SAI KASHMIRI PARIVAR under Shirdi Sai Global Foundation organized “Sai Sandhya” on Sunday, 30 July 2017 on the eve of Shravan Ashtami in the auspicious month of Shravan at Club Florence, Sector-56, Gurugram, Haryana, exclusively for Kashmiri Pandit community across the globe. Dr. Chadra Bhanu Satpathy, revered Guruji was the Chief Guest and Key Speaker of the event along with many prominent personalities of the Community.

Preparations for the programme of this scale had divine blessings and started hardly week-ten days before the actual event. The venue was beautifully decorated for this spiritual gathering and had blessings of revered Guruji. The devotional programme stared at 5:00pm and culminated at 9:00pm followed by Prasad for all the devotees present there. Devotees from Delhi-NCR joined in large number to be part of this divine and auspicious occasion and all those devotees who could not join us in person got connected though our Community Channel, Radio Sharda 90.4 FM radio and it was broadcast live and followed by community members across the globe.

Revered Guruji, blessed all KP community members who had faced hardship after their unfortunate exodus from valley of Kashmir. He congratulated the present generation who despite facing many hardships and adverse circumstances in their life had come through these challenges and got their next generation well placed.. In Guruji’s words devotion intervenes benevolently and keeps the Lord and his Devotees connected at all times beyond time, place and space and it is time for all people particularly for people from valley of Kashmir to devote time for lord for return of peace there.

Guruji was welcomed in traditional Kashmiri style with Sandalwood tilak and Shankhnaad by the Volunteers who wore traditional dresses. Guruji was felicitated with Kashmiri Pheran, Shawl, Dastaar (Turban) and Isband was burnt on this auapicious occasion. Guruji was mesmerized with the traditional Bhajans sung by Mr Sanjeev Gautam and Team and was very happy to be part of the larger Kashmiri gathering who had congregated to seek divine blessings. He took keen interest in knowing about the age old traditions being exhibited at the venue and admired the unique Kashmiri culture, cuisine and dresses worn by the members there. Troop of young children also performed during the event and performed the kashmiri folk dance “Rauf” on the typical kashmiri numbers. Kashmiri Kehwa Tea and Kulcha was served to all devotees who enjoyed the Sai Sandhya till 9.00 PM in the evening. All women present there were wearing “Athor” the traditional hanging ornament around their ears which made the evening more meaningful and colorful.

Revered Guruji in his key speech motivated all Kashmiri Pandits to preserve their rich culture and remain united as a strong community. The spectators applauded the divine endeavors with better understanding about the spiritual values and divine dispositions, filled with positive aspirations to achieve the true goal of life. Shri Guru Bhagwat, written by Guruji and translated in Kashmiri by B.L. Koul “Deepji” was also launched by the Guruji during the event.

The event was well attended by more than 500 Kashmiri Pandits mainly from Delhi-NCR. It was one such occasion which successfully served the purpose which helped the audience to get enlightened with the correct meaning of devotion and also made them aware about their own culture. Mr Rajeev Dhar did the anchoring of the entire programme and vote of thanks was presented by Mrs Anita Koul Tiku. Performing artists and children were given mementoes by Revered Guruji and he showered his blessings to all of them.

It was an unforgettable evening & all present were blessed to have the darshan of Revered Guruji, Shri. C B Satpathy ji.