DR. Chandra Bhanu Satpathy

A noted scholar, spiritual thinker, author and a humanitarian.

Brief Profile

Dr. Chandra Bhanu Satpathy is a noted scholar, spiritual thinker, author and a humanitarian. He is a personification of the noble principles of life such as love, empathy, compassion, simplicity, humility, devotion to God and sacrifice. As a heir to a family of great academicians and administrators, versatile young writer of his time, perfect family man, an accomplished and decorated professional, compassionate and humanitarian, an ardent devotee of his Master and a friend, philosopher and guide to millions of people across the globe, Dr. Satpathy has experienced it all with humility and equanimity.

As he holds, the year 1989 marked a turning point in his life when he visited the Holy Shrine of Shri Sai Baba located in Shirdi (Maharashtra).

Global Leadership

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Dr. C. B. Satpathy is the Founder Patron of Shirdi Sai Baba Public School at Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh. The school was conceptualized by Dr Satpathy and aims at providing value based education with the latest and highest levels of contemporary educational standards. The school reserves seats for the meritorious students hailing from economically constrained families and provides them with free education.

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Dr. Satpathy has popularized different forms of Indian music, dance, art, etc. Besides, he promotes such Indian dance forms, which are on the verge of extinction like Goti Pua of Odisha. He has been encouraging the differently abled persons to dance and express their inner joy and thereby finding a meaning to their life. Following are some of the notable artists / art groups that had been felicitated by Dr. Satpathy.

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Dr. Satpathy has chosen the medium of writing books, delivering speeches, encouraging Indian classical and devotional music and service to humanity for the propagation of Indian culture. Dr. Satpathy has enriched the spiritual literature of India through books, articles written in various magazines and his speeches rendered on different occasion at different parts of the globe. His book "Gopyaru Agopya" (Means from the Unknown to the Known).


International Recognition

Dr. Satpathy, was invited to open the United States House of Representatives (HoR) as Guest Chaplain on 24th June, 2015. This is a rare honour, having been bestowed on an Indian Citizen ever. The opening invocation provides a wonderful opportunity to affirm Spiritual leaders from many different backgrounds. Dr Satpathy’s address to the US Congress as Guest Chaplain was a remarkable moment for all Indians.